Have you served in the UK Armed Forces?  Do you now suffer with a hearing loss as a result of your service?  If so, Hear Better With Us is dedicated to making top-of-the-range hearing aids and care more accessible to you.

Our Story

Over the past two years, we have been working with veterans to help identify whether you have suffered from hearing loss as a result of service. Having tested and listened to so many of you now, we have been saddened to learn about how many problems you face and how desperately you need more support.

We know that your contribution to society is unmeasurable. Your dedication to fighting for our country is limitless, and as such, you risk your lives and health for us. As a result of service, many of you suffer from noise induced hearing loss and this may even be the reason why you had to leave your duties. We understand that hearing loss can hinder resettlement into your community life and may also make it more difficult for you to find work. This is why we want to do more to help.

We are passionate about advocating for veterans and utilising our skills we want to ensure you get the right hearing aids and care you need to lead a normal quality of life. Our vision is to make top of the range hearing aids and aftercare more affordable so that no veteran is left with untreated hearing loss in the UK.


If your suffering from hearing loss as a result of Service, don’t just get by with it, please get in touch now, to see how we can help you.