Who needs to have a Hearing Test?

Adults over the age of 40/50 should have a hearing test regularly and anyone who feels they are suffering from hearing loss should book a test as soon as possible – the sooner you can detect any hearing loss, the sooner you can start to manage it and limit the impact it has on your life. Even if you would just like to ensure that you are experiencing a normal range of sounds, you are welcome to contact us to book a test.

What happens during a Hearing Test?

Our Audiologist will talk to you to understand the challenges you have faced as a result of your hearing loss and how you feel hearing loss has impacted your lifestyle. We will then discuss with you the possible cause for your hearing loss and suggest the best solution for you.

We will carry out a comprehensive hearing test to measure the sensitivity of your hearing across different sound tones. If you are experiencing hearing difficulties, our audiologist will be able to determine from the test results whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate, severe or profound.

What to expect after your Test

We will thoroughly explain your test results and the degree of your hearing loss and recommend the best solution for you. If you require a hearing aid, we will invite you back for a follow up appointment where we will demonstrate the hearing aids that are best suited to your needs, with no obligation to buy. You will have the opportunity to try our hearing aids for yourself to experience first-hand the improvement they make to your hearing loss.

Ready to book a hearing test with us? contact us here.