About Us

Khiyam Hussnain is the founder of Hear Better With Us, a professional medical clinic offering high quality audiological services. He graduated as an Audiologist in 2010 and now has nearly 15 years’ experience in the field. Currently, in addition to running his own practice, Khiyam works with veterans who have noise induced hearing loss as a result of their service.  Prior to this, he worked for several NHS Trusts across the UK as well as two of the largest high street hearing care providers, Boots and Specsavers. Khiyam worked for Boots Hearingcare for 7 years, working in both their NHS and private practices. During his time at Boots, Khiyam was well regarded for his work mentoring and training students and co-workers. In recognition of Khiyam’s knowledge and experience, he was appointed as a placement supervisor for Aston University students and has contributed to the successful qualification of several audiologists. He was also instrumental in helping Action on Hearing Loss (p.k.a The Royal National Institute for Deaf People) set up clinics in the West Midlands and trained staff members to carry out hearing aid repairs for patients. Khiyam utilises this experience in his own clinic and has started his own free hearing aid support clinic for those struggling to access appointments with the NHS. The first clinic will run on 17th April 2024.

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Khiyam has a passion for showing genuine care and concern for patients and improving their lives. This ethos underpins our core values.

“I recognise the individuality of each patient and understand the importance of listening and responding to individual needs. I strive to provide a friendly approach that takes into account clinical, environmental, social and personal elements. Together with my expertise, this knowledge enables me to develop treatment and care plans tailored to your needs”.

In his spare time, Khiyam enjoys spending time with his family as well as playing football with his friends. He is also enthusiastic about improving the lives of young people in his community and runs a community football club, which is supported by the West Midlands Police and is aimed at providing safe environment for young people to exercise.

Our Services

Micro-suction / Earwax removal

Micro-suction is a safe and effective method of removing earwax, debris or foreign bodies blocking your ear canal causing hearing loss or discomfort.  A small suction tube is gently manoeuvred through the ear canal to remove the earwax, often resulting in instant relief.

Hearing Tests

Our Audiologist will listen to your concerns and then carry out a comprehensive hearing test to measure the degree of your hearing across different sound tones. We will thoroughly explain your test results and also recommend the best solution for you.

Free Online Hearing Test

While there’s no replacement for a professional hearing test with one of our hearing care experts, our online hearing test can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing.

Hearing Aids

Our range of hearing aids offer the latest developments in advanced technology and take account of your lifestyle and environment to deliver an outstanding sound quality experience. We strive to find the best possible hearing aid to suit your lifestyle and budget and then customise the features based on your needs.

Ear Protection

We offer a wide range of ear protection products to protect the ear from environmental elements such as water and noise.

Tinnitus Support

Using our knowledge of audiology, we can offer a range of care and support for people suffering with various different forms or tinnitus.